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Training AI

Humans Training AI to Become Intelligent

AI is touted to change the world as we know it. Every industry is looking at leveraging the capabilities of AI and associated technologies such as machine learning and deep…

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Type 1 Diabetes

JDRF Partners with IBM to Research Type 1 Diabetes

IBM and JDRF have come together to comprehensively study and analyze several years of voluminous data available for Type 1 diabetes (I1D) among children. JDRF is at the forefront of…

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Machine Learning

Machine Learning Brings Accuracy to Climate Forecasts

The increasing number of satellites and advancements in climate models has improved the weather forecasting over the last many years. Weather forecasting, is not a perfect science; it still needs…

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Robots are Here to Assist You, Not Take Away Your Jobs

Recently there’s been media debate on advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and robots taking away jobs in different industries. Much of this fearmongering, however, is unwarranted. This is because specific…

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AI and IoT in retail

Walmart Using IoT and AI to Usher in Future of Retail

Walmart is the undisputed king of retail for decades. The recent years have ­­witnessed meteoric rise of primarily online retailers such as Amazon and Alibaba that have challenged Walmart. While…

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Speech Recognition 2017

Google Expands Speech Recognition Capabilities to Over 30 More Languages

Google is adding a multitude of languages to its speech recognition capabilities. The expansion will cover 30 international languages and local dialects, including India and Africa’s emerging regions. This will…

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WhichPLM Interviews Scott Amyx on the Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Data Analytics

In the fourth in a collection of interviews with innovative entrepreneurs and thought leaders to be published throughout the year, here WhichPLM discusses the Internet of Things, machine learning and data…

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IoT’s Next Generation: Where Artificial Intelligence & Analytics Meet

Internet of Things World Webinar: IoT's Next Generation: Where Artificial Intelligence & Analytics Meet Speakers Scott Amyx, Founder & CEO, Amyx+ Nancy Ross, Leader — Internet of Things Line of Business,…

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How to Innovate and Execute in IoT

Ernst & Young indicates that there is a high probability that 45% of companies in any given industry can become obsolete and vanish. Do you know what is the greatest…

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Scott Amyx Speaking at IBM World of Watson

Scott Amyx Speaking at IBM World of Watson IBM World of Watson Las Vegas, Nevada The transition from cloud to edge computing will take time and there will be many…

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