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Quantum Cryptography

Quantum Computing Series, Part 9: Quantum Cryptography

Quantum computing promises to open doors to many exciting technological possibilities. Quantum Cryptography is one such application area that could benefit greatly with advent of quantum computers and help make…

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quantum communication

China Achieves Breakthrough in Developing a Quantum Communication Network

Einstein termed quantum entanglement a spooky phenomenon, something that seems to go against the very basic law—nothing travels faster than light. An eminent group of Chinese scientists recently just shattered…

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Quantum Computing Series, Part 8: Decoherence

A perfect spoilsport to quantum computing is a phenomenon known as Quantum decoherence. Quantum error correction focuses on fending off decoherence and counter other errors that make quantum computing challenging.…

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Quantum Teleportation

Quantum Computing Series, Part 6: Quantum Teleportation

Quantum teleportation is used to transmit information from one location to another. This quantum information, for example, can be the exact state of a particle such as an atom or…

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Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing Series, Part 2: From Skepticism to Acceptance

There’s an interesting fact about humans: most of us are wired to be skeptics. It really doesn’t matter what it is about… from climate change to religion, science to quantum…

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Quantum Computing Series, Part 1: IoT Challenges

In this series, I explore strategic opportunities in quantum computing and how it can give IoT a leap like never seen before. I will expound on the possibilities, current limitations,…

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Has China developed the Fastest Quantum Computer Prototype?

The race to the fastest Quantum Computer Prototype is on with D-Wave, a Canada-based company, claiming to be the first to offer a commercially viable quantum computer. The theory of quantum…

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Scott Amyx Speaking on Quantum Computing for IoT at Cloud Expo Europe

Scott Amyx Speaking on Quantum Computing for IoT at Cloud Expo Europe To the dismay of skeptics, there are serious and tangible progress being made on quantum computing. Until now…

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The Potential Impact of Quantum Computing on the Internet of Things

Interview with M2M/IoT Forum Within the next several years the biggest changes and strongest influence from IoT will be seen in the industrial sector and in critical infrastructure, with focus on…

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When Will the Industrial Internet of Things Floodgates Open?

"The industrial internet of things is the IoT to watch" is a claim that's been made ever since the internet of things first became a coherent concept. It's a stance…

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