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NVIDIA Drive PX Pegasus

NVIDIA Drive PX Pegasus to Provide Level 5 Autonomy for Driverless Cars

NVIDIA, best known as the graphics chips maker for computers, is turning a new leaf. With its eyes set on powering autonomous vehicles, NVIDIA has registered blistering growth in the…

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AI-based StableGuard Could Save Horses’ Lives

Alexa Anthony is the CEO of Magic AI, the Seattle-based company that introduced StableGuard, the world’s only AI-based monitoring system for horses. This product monitors horses round the clock and…

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Google Assistant

This AI System Lets Google Assistant Sound More Human

Thanks to Google and artificial intelligence (AI) research company, DeepMind, your phone will no longer sound like a robot when reading out or dictating requested information. Google Assistant is using…

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Human Brain

The Way Ahead for AI: Interfacing Human Brain with Machine

Artificial Intelligence and its allied fields have progressed leaps and bounds in the recent years. AI still has a long way to go vis-à-vis the capabilities of the human brain. Human brain…

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Tesco Working on Bringing Cashier-Free Supermarkets to Customers

Retail giant Tesco has been testing out a technology that removes the need for human checkout cashiers. CEO Dave Lewis said that Tesco has been studying the systems behind Amazon…

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VirchyBike LITE

VirchyBike LITE Makes Indoor Bike Exercise More Fun

Let’s admit—exercising on an indoor bike is not much fun. Sure, paddling hard is the way to lose that extra flab, but it’s not exactly fun and exciting. Now, imagine…

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AI ethics

DeepMind forms a Research Group Focused on AI Ethics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly finding application in diverse areas, invariably bringing in unprecedented benefits. The ethics in AI, however, has been a contentious issue right from the beginning. And,…

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AI in logistics

AI in Logistics Offers Comprehensive Benefits to Companies

ClearMetal, the company that provides AI solutions to the logistics industry, recently received $9 million in funding. The logistics industry is riddled with time-intensive, labyrinthine processes that are managed using…

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Matroid Computer Vision

Matroid’s Computer Vision Technology Brings it $10M Funding from Intel and NEA

CCTV cameras are pervasive. Streets, malls, homes, offices, hospitals and etc., there is no escaping them. Almost everything happening out in public is being captured somewhere. Crime fighting agencies and…

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Training AI

Humans Training AI to Become Intelligent

AI is touted to change the world as we know it. Every industry is looking at leveraging the capabilities of AI and associated technologies such as machine learning and deep…

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