Amyx+ helps Fortune 500 enterprises and game-changing startups with wearables & IoT strategy, innovation, data analytics and product development. We have worked with leading blue chip companies and growth-stage startups across wearables, healthcare, consumer electronics, retail, apparel and footwear, luxury, fitness, advertising and major industries to help sharpen their wearables & IoT strategies. Here are a few sample case studies.

Case Study 1: IoT Open Source Platforms and Projects

Amyx+ conducted an industry-wide study on IoT open source technologies to obtain a cross-section of open source projects. The Q2 2015 research and findings were published in academic publications and presented at leading conferences.

Research Methodology

IoT Open Source Projects 1

IoT Open Source Projects 2


Questionnaire 2

Questionnaire 3

IoT Architecture

Technology Stack


Industry Standards


Horizontal Platforms

Smart Homes

Smart Home Platforms


Case Study 2: Smart Home Devices

Amyx+ works with a diverse client base across smart cameras, door locks, home automation hubs, device controllers, IFTTT sensors, and other smart gadgets and apps. We assist with product strategy, innovation, product development and advanced data analytics.


Home Automation Hub


Case Study 3: Smart Home Security

Amyx+ advised a home security company to develop a cohesive smart home and security strategy. Consultation included market landscape, competitor analysis and benchmarking and use of data analytics to enhance their service offering.

Home Security 2


Case Study 4: Smart Residential Building Components

The smart home movement isn’t just about smart things inside the home. The home itself is getting smarter. Amyx+ is helping a major residential component manufacturer to add intelligence to their product line. From being able to measure potentially dangerous level of nanoparticles in the air to the awakening of the home itself to provide maximum comfort, protection, and savings for families.

Connected Home


About Amyx+

IoT Business Transformation | Strategy | Innovation | Product | Data Analytics

  • Voted Top IoT Influencer by Inc. Magazine
  • Voted Top Global IoT Expert by Postscapes
  • Voted Top IoT Authority by the Internet of Things Institute
  • Featured as a Top Internet of Things Company by Postscapes
  • Winner of the Cloud & DevOps World Award for Most Innovative Vendor

Amyx+ is an award-winning IoT business transformation firm specializing in IoT strategy, innovation & product development. As a thought leader in the Internet of Things, Amyx+ has the creative horsepower and the development prowess to execute even the most complex client engagements.

Amyx+ is working with international and multinational enterprises to help 1) understand the impact of IoT disruptions, 2) formulate and sharpen their IoT strategy, 3) quantify the business case, 4) experiment, learn, validate, 5) develop game changing technologies, and 6) launch innovative IoT products and services worldwide.

We employ a flexible methodology and approach to fit the client and needs & objectives while adapting to changing IoT environments. We have presence in San Francisco, NYC, and throughout Europe.



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