Category: Security and Privacy

Quantum Cryptography News

Quantum Computing Series, Part 10: Quantum Cryptography News

The talk about quantum computers has caught on in recent years. Among the major quantum computing and quantum cryptography news that has come out, Microsoft has been hiring top-notch quantum…

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Power Grids

Are Power Grids Safe From Hackers? Don’t Worry, Says Expert

Gauging from recent media reports, it would appear that power grids are vulnerable to cyberattacks. This has raised concerns that hackers are a mere switch away from plunging the world…

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quantum communication

China Achieves Breakthrough in Developing a Quantum Communication Network

Einstein termed quantum entanglement a spooky phenomenon, something that seems to go against the very basic law—nothing travels faster than light. An eminent group of Chinese scientists recently just shattered…

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security issues BCI_EEG

Serious Security Issues with Mind-Reading Technology

Over the last several years, brain-computer interface (BCI) has brought forth amazing opportunities and solutions. The downside, however, is the security issues that come with it. The ability of BCI…

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Quantum Computing Series, Part 1: IoT Challenges

In this series, I explore strategic opportunities in quantum computing and how it can give IoT a leap like never seen before. I will expound on the possibilities, current limitations,…

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Can Blockchain Solve the Identity Crisis in the Internet of Things?

Thanks to the dreamy marriage of the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence, we can confidently look forward to having smart, digital assistant in near future. From personalizing home…

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venture capital

SoftBank’s Stupendous $93 Billion First Close for $100 Billion Vision Fund, the Largest Venture Capital Fund Ever

SoftBank Group, the global Telecommunication and Internet giant from Japan, recently announced the first close for its unprecedented and massively ambitious $100 billion Vision Fund—a staggering $93 billion venture capital…

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IoT Security

The Challenge of Software Updates for Vulnerable IoT Devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) is emerging in every aspect of our lives, from home automation, factory automation to smart cities and public spaces. In an IoT network, the devices are continually…

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How the Internet of Things is Shaping Our Future

The Internet of Things (IoT) has already reshaped the outlook of the 21st century for good. Given the enormous potential of this emerging trend, the applications, benefits, and challenges of the IoT…

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Cloudflare to the Rescue of the Internet of Things

If the Internet of Things (IoT) should ever run into a wall, then that wall would be security issues. Seeing the susceptibility of the IoT to exploits and hacks, the search…

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