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Robotics Process Automation

Robotics Process Automation Might be the New Magic Mantra in B2B FinTech

B2B FinTechs are looking at robotics process automation (RPA) to empower their finance executives by going beyond basic automation. Recently released software such as Gappify offers an RPA-powered bot to…

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venture capital

SoftBank’s Stupendous $93 Billion First Close for $100 Billion Vision Fund, the Largest Venture Capital Fund Ever

SoftBank Group, the global Telecommunication and Internet giant from Japan, recently announced the first close for its unprecedented and massively ambitious $100 billion Vision Fund—a staggering $93 billion venture capital…

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How to Transform Your Organization into an IoT Business

Amyx+ is at the forefront of helping some of the most prestigious brands, multinationals and governments to transform their organizations to take full advantage of the Internet of Things and…

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IoT’s Next Generation: Where Artificial Intelligence & Analytics Meet

Internet of Things World Webinar: IoT's Next Generation: Where Artificial Intelligence & Analytics Meet Speakers Scott Amyx, Founder & CEO, Amyx+ Nancy Ross, Leader — Internet of Things Line of Business,…

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How to Innovate and Execute in IoT

Ernst & Young indicates that there is a high probability that 45% of companies in any given industry can become obsolete and vanish. Do you know what is the greatest…

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Future of Innovation and Jobs

Future of Innovation and Jobs According to a study from Washington University, 40 percent of companies on the S&P 500 will no longer exist in 10 years. Ernst & Young…

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The Potential Impact of Quantum Computing on the Internet of Things

Interview with M2M/IoT Forum Within the next several years the biggest changes and strongest influence from IoT will be seen in the industrial sector and in critical infrastructure, with focus on…

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“Strive”​ by Scott Amyx. Vote for Your Favorite Book Cover Design

Strive by Scott Amyx How doing the things most uncomfortable leads to success Design A: Fish Design B: Butterfly Design C: Chart   About the Book: Strive How doing the things most…

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Disruption is Opportunity

Disruption: it’s the death knell for enterprises averse to change but the sweet capriccio of opportunity for visionary, built-to-last companies. This is largely because the technology-driven disruption that has created…

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Scott Amyx Speaking at ArabNet Riyadh on Vision 2030

The Rise of New Industries & How to Seize Those Opportunities ArabNet Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Scott Amyx presented a logical mapping of the Vision 2030 and National Transformation Plan 2020…

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