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Jobs in AI Economy

Readying Our Next Generation for the Exciting Jobs in the AI-Driven Economy

The pervasive influence of artificial intelligence (AI) in our daily lives mandates preparing our labor force for an AI-powered economy. This calls for the re-evaluation of educational priorities. According to…

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Quantum Computing Series, Part 1: IoT Challenges

In this series, I explore strategic opportunities in quantum computing and how it can give IoT a leap like never seen before. I will expound on the possibilities, current limitations,…

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A Sneak Peek at Apple’s Tech Offering for Next 10 Years

Apple has been the flag bearer of innovation since the day it was launched. Apple moved forward into the mainstream by subtle-but-decisive and judicious narratives of what it stands for…

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venture capital

SoftBank’s Stupendous $93 Billion First Close for $100 Billion Vision Fund, the Largest Venture Capital Fund Ever

SoftBank Group, the global Telecommunication and Internet giant from Japan, recently announced the first close for its unprecedented and massively ambitious $100 billion Vision Fund—a staggering $93 billion venture capital…

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Who Needs to Drive A Car When the Car Can Drive You

Daimler AG -- the parent company of Mercedes -- and the German automotive giant, Bosch, had announced a  joint venture (JV) earlier this year. The JV was aimed at making…

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Google Announces at Google I/O That Company Will Apply AI to All Products

In Google I/O Fair held on May 17-19, 2017, CEO Sundar Pichai claimed their AutoML to be the flag-bearer of "AI Inception." Google also announced to apply its Artificial Intelligence…

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The Future of Self-Driven Buses

A U.S. based company named Proterra is a manufacturer of electric buses. Each bus has an average of 360 miles range before requiring a battery recharge. This company is taking…

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Amyx+ Interviewed by Pew Research on the Future of Jobs & Training

THE FUTURE OF JOBS AND JOBS TRAINING Theme 1: The training ecosystem will evolve, with a mix of innovation in all education formats To a striking degree, the experts who…

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Most Influential Brands in Industrial Internet of Things and Smart Cities by Right Relevance

Source: Right Relevance   Introduction Right Relevance (RR) provides curated information and intelligence on ~50 thousand topics. This includes: Topic relationships including related topics & semantic information like synonyms. Topical…

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Pew Research Center: Internet, Science and Tech on the Future of Free Speech

Theme 3: Things will get better The more hopeful among these respondents cited a series of changes they expect in the next decade that could improve the tone of online…

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