Amyx+ helps Fortune 500 enterprises and game-changing startups with wearables & IoT strategy, innovation, data analytics and product development. We have worked with leading blue chip companies and growth-stage startups across wearables, healthcare, consumer electronics, retail, apparel and footwear, luxury, fitness, advertising and major industries to help sharpen their wearables & IoT strategies. Here are a few sample case studies.

Case Study 1: Smart Locket


A premiere jewelry design firm for exclusive luxury brands sought Amyx+‘s expertise to conduct due diligence on a smart locket. The jewelry designer engaged Amyx+ to evaluate the merit of a possible acquisition of this prototype technology.

Pink Locket

A design agency developed a smart locket prototype in conjunction with a maker’s lab.

Prototype specifications:

  • Full-screen UI slide/ pan at 15 – 30 fps, 200×200 TFT-LCD display, with 16bpp minimum, white backlight, FFC connector, with 8080 with frame sync or RGB
  • Lithium battery, polymer cell. 4 – 8 hours of active on-time, per charge, approximately 200 images transferred, per charge 100 hours of standby time. 500 cycle lifespan
  • Processor Silicon Labs EFM32GG series
  • Flash storage 512kb or 1MB flash
  • Custom wireless charging
  • BLE support (iOS 7)
  • iOS app companion to manage social media images on the locket

Open Locket

Our team of scientists evaluated the proof of concept locket. The selling party disclosed that they were still struggling with thermal isolation and general robustness in efficacy of charging with the custom wireless charging system. This meant that the product could get too hot and potentially damage other circuitry or make it unacceptable to wear continuously.

Considering they were using inductive charging, the project cost did not take into account the design and development of a charging base or cradle.

The BLE supported iOS 7 (not current iOS 9). This could be problematic when it comes to pairing with smartphones. Inconsistent pairing or unreliability could result in users abandoning the product.

The proof of concept prototype was 200% of the final size of the enclosure. At 200% of the intended size, they had a long way to go to reach the target production size. Overall, our assessment was that this smart locket was closer to an Alpha prototype. They were far from being production-ready.

To complete this project properly, they would needed the assistance of a design for manufacturing (DFM) firm to adhere to a robust design and development process who possess all the multi-disciplinary skillset in-house to develop a wearable technology with integrated displays and reliable wireless connectivity.

Based on Amyx+‘s analysis & estimate to reach production version, the jewelry design firm decided against acquiring the smart locket technology from the design agency.

Amyx+ further advised that any IoT enabled capabilities have to first and foremost accentuate the brand identity and the ethos of their diamond bridal products.

Diamond engagement ring

Case Study 2: Precious Jewelry & Material Science


One of the largest North American manufacturer and distributor of precious jewelry brands approached Amyx+ to explore opportunities in smart wearables.

1. Is it possible to infuse electrical properties into precious metals without affixing bulking electrical components to have finer control of the jewelry design?

Precious Metal Elements



Precious Metal Properties

2. Also, by changing the material science properties of precious metals, could they potentially enter new markets?

3. How could they transform their manufacturing process to rapidly respond to changing consumer preferences without being encumbered by their current complex and manual processes?

Amyx+ developed a framework to identify new market opportunities based on material science mapping to electrical, electronic engineering and medical applications, including but not limited to discovery and design of new materials by manipulating properties of materials for mechanical, electrical, chemical, thermal, optical and magnetic capabilities.







Amyx+ also development a manufacturing transformation methodology to help the client to best navigate process reengineering, internal stakeholders alignment, technology evaluation, and advantages and disadvantages of alternate approaches, including cost, time, organizational development and change management issues to bring products to market faster with a higher degree of agility and lowered costs.