Industrial Internet of Things

Amyx+ helps Fortune 500 enterprises and game-changing startups with wearables & IoT strategy, innovation, data analytics and product development. We have worked with leading blue chip companies and growth-stage startups across wearables, healthcare, consumer electronics, retail, apparel and footwear, luxury, fitness, advertising and major industries to help sharpen their wearables & IoT strategies. Here are a few sample case studies.

Case Study 1: IoT Open Source Platforms and Projects

Amyx+ conducted an industry-wide study on IoT open source technologies to obtain a cross-section of open source projects. The Q2 2015 research and findings were published in academic publications and presented at leading conferences.

Research Methodology

IoT Open Source Projects 1

IoT Open Source Projects 2


Questionnaire 2

Questionnaire 3

IoT Architecture

Technology Stack


Industry Standards


Horizontal Platforms

Rapid Time to Benefit

API and Middleware

Utilization Model


High Volume Real Time Analytics

In Memory Data Grid

Case Study 2: IoT Platforms

Amyx+ has advised numerous proprietary IoT platform and middleware startups on their technical capabilities, competitor benchmarking, vertical use case development and go-to-market strategy.

IoT Maturity

IoT Platform

IoT Platform OS

IoT Levels

Case Study 3: Decentralized Endpoint Security with Blockchain

Amyx+ is working with a leading security and privacy firm to explore how to secure messaging and transactions in a trustless peer-to-peer decentralized world. Amyx+ is developing their next generation security platform that will leverage the power of blockchain ledger cryptography while strengthening the endpoint security on the nodes.