Human Data Analytics

Amyx+ helps Fortune 500 enterprises and game-changing startups with wearables & IoT strategy, innovation, data analytics and product development. We have worked with leading blue chip companies and growth-stage startups across wearables, healthcare, consumer electronics, retail, apparel and footwear, luxury, fitness, advertising and major industries to help sharpen their wearables & IoT strategies.

Case Study 1: Human Data Analytics

Amyx+ Affectio human data analytics platform uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms, mobile, wearables and the Internet of Things to reveal deep insights about people — how your consumers feel, think, behave and engage your brand. Affectio advanced human data analytics are currently in pilot with publicly traded companies and organizations in financial services, retail, high performance sports, advertising & marketing, apps and services.

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Case Study 2: Mass Personalization with Financial Services Robo-Advisor 

The financial services industry is faced with continual downward pressure on margins, low customer satisfaction, and commoditized products. Amyx+ is working with a publicly traded financial services technology company to help increase trust, higher retention, and competitive differentiation by implementing human data analytics capabilities to better understand customers and to tailor the experience that’s highly personalized to the needs of each customer, all in an automated fashion.


Amyx+ through our innovation lab Affectio develops disruptive technologies that enable human data analytics. These capabilities are used to power some of the largest consumer brands, retailers, social media, apps, financial services, healthcare providers, manufacturers and others.

At the heart of every brand or customer interaction is our human nature. Amyx+ Affectio quantifies the human aspect of every interaction, from sales and marketing, brand engagement, product or service, payments and transactions to customer service.

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