Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Amyx+ helps Fortune 500 enterprises and game-changing startups with wearables & IoT strategy, innovation, data analytics and product development. We have worked with leading blue chip companies and growth-stage startups across wearables, healthcare, consumer electronics, retail, apparel and footwear, luxury, fitness, advertising and major industries to help sharpen their wearables & IoT strategies.

Case Study 1: Machine Learning-Driven Data Analytics

Amyx+ is helping a prominent consumer brand to unlock their unstructured data. Our data scientists are applying AI/ machine learning best practices and techniques to extract meaningful, actionable insights to equip management to optimize their decision-making from sales, marketing, product development, distribution, retail to customer service.

Data Analytics

Case Study 2: Human Data Analytics

Amyx+ Affectio human data analytics platform uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms, mobile, wearables and the Internet of Things to reveal deep insights about people — how your consumers feel, think, behave and engage your brand. Affectio advanced human data analytics are currently in pilot with publicly traded companies and organizations in financial services, retail, high performance sports, advertising & marketing, apps and services.

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Case Study 3: AI/ Machine Learning Applications & Automation

Amyx+ Amyx+ is working an international K-12 e-learning platform with 99% domestic market share to apply machine learning capabilities to their rich curation of 150,000 education multimedia content and images. From image recognition, automated metadata extraction to localization translation, Amyx+ is enabling incredible automation and efficiency in large scale. Moreover, Amyx+ is advising on their global expansion plans.


Case Study 4: IBM Watson

Amyx+ continues to invest heavily in AI/ machine learning-based data analytics with our innovation lab Affectio and partnership with IBM Watson, Fast Forward Labs and academia. Our AI data science team is working on solving some of the most challenging business problems today.

Attendees gather at an IBM Watson event in lower Manhattan, New York January 9, 2014. IBM said it will invest more than $1 billion to establish a new business unit for Watson, as the tech giant hopes to get more revenue from the supercomputer system that beat humans on the television quiz show "Jeopardy". The world's largest technology service provider said the IBM Watson Group will be headed by Michael Rhodin, who was previously senior vice president of IBM's software solutions group. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid (UNITED STATES - Tags: SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY BUSINESS) (Newscom TagID: rtrlsix221232.jpg) [Photo via Newscom]

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Scott Amyx at IBM Watson IoT, Munich, Germany

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