Scott Amyx Speaking on Quantum Computing for IoT at Cloud Expo Europe

Scott Amyx Speaking on Quantum Computing for IoT at Cloud Expo Europe

To the dismay of skeptics, there are serious and tangible progress being made on quantum computing.

Until now quantum computers have had just a fraction of the processing power they are theoretically capable of producing.

But recently an international team of researchers led by Professor Winfried Hensinger, head of the Ion Quantum Technology Group at the University of Sussex believe they have finally overcome the main technical problems that have prevented the construction of an arbitrarily large quantum computer.

In the research publication Science Advances, February 1, 2017, researchers unveiled a blueprint for a microwave trapped ion quantum computer that would enable a large-scale quantum computer. The modular approach makes it possible to create a scalable quantum computer architecture based on long-wavelength radiation quantum gates. The modules control all operations as stand-alone units, are constructed using silicon microfabrication techniques, and are within reach of current technology.

A high error–threshold surface error correction code can be implemented in the proposed architecture to execute fault-tolerant operations. With appropriate adjustments, the proposed modules are also suitable for alternative trapped ion quantum computer architectures, such as schemes using photonic interconnects.

This is a not small quantum computer but the full engineering blueprint to build out a full-fledged quantum computer.

The problem is that existing quantum computers require lasers focused precisely on individual atoms. The larger the computer, the more lasers are required and the greater the chance of something going wrong.

These researcher use a different technique to monitor the atoms involving a microwave field and electricity in an ‘ion-trap’ device. The solution allows scalability of computing power.

Keep in mind that there are many different technologies and approaches currently competing to build a first large-scale quantum computer. Ion traps were one of the earliest realistic proposals… albeit with a hefty price tag of 10s of millions, up to £100m.

IoT Challenges

Let’s talk about some of the major obstacles in the Internet of Things that’s hampering broad-based adoption across industries and why and how quantum computing can help…

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