Internet of Things and Data Analytics Handbook Published

Scott Amyx Contributes to the Internet of Things and Data Analytics Handbook by Wiley

This book examines the Internet of Things (IoT) and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) from a technical, economical and application point of view

  • Examines cloud computing, data analytics, and sustainability and how they relate to IoT/CPS
  • Covers the scope of both consumer IoT and enterprise/government CPS applications
  • Includes best practices, business model and real-world case studies

Table of Contents

List of Contributors


Chapter 1: Internet of Things and Data Analytics in the Cloud with Innovation and Sustainability
Hwaiyu Geng

Chapter 2: Digital Services and Sustainable Solutions
Rikke Gram-Hansen

Chapter 3: The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): Applications and Taxonomy
Stan Schneider

Chapter 4: Strategic Planning for Smarter Cities
Jonathan Reichental

Chapter 5: Next Generation Learning – Smart Medical Team Training
Brenda Bannan, Shane Gallagher, and Bridget Lewis

Chapter 6: The Brain-Computer Interface in the Internet of Things
Jim McKeeth

Chapter 7: IoT Innovation Pulse
John Mattison


Chapter 8: The Internet of Things Opens Source Systems
Scott Amyx

Chapter 9: MEMS: An Enabling Technology for the Internet of Things (IoT)
Michael A. Huff

Chapter 10: Electro-Optic Infrared Sensor Technologies for the Internet of Things
Venkataraman Sundareswaran, Henry Yuan, Kai Song, Joseph Kimchi, and JihFen Lei

Chapter 11: IPv6 for IoT and Gateway
Geoff Mulligan

Chapter 12: Wireless Sensor Networks
David Y. Fong

Chapter 13: Networking Protocols and Standards for Internet of Things
Tara Salman and Raj Jain

Chapter 14: IoT Architecture
Shyam Varan Nath

Chapter 15: A Designer’s Guide to the Internet of Wearable Things
David Hindman and Peter Burnham

Chapter 16: Beacon Technology with IoT and Big Data
Nick Stein and Stephanie Urbanski

Chapter 17: SCADA Fundamentals and Applications in the IoT
Rich Hunzinger


Chapter 18: Data Analysis and Machine Learning Effort In Healthcare: Organization, Limitations, Development of an Approach
Oleg Roderick, David Sanchez, David Sanchez, and Arun Aryasomajula

Chapter 19: Data Analytics and Predictive Analytics in the Era of Big Data
Amy Shi-Nash and David R. Hardoon

Chapter 20: Strategy Development and Big Data Analytics
Neil Fraser

Chapter 21: Risk Modeling and Data Science
Joshua Frank

Chapter 22: Hadoop Technology
Scott Shaw

Chapter 23: Security of IoT data: Context, Depth, and Breadth across Hadoop
Pratik Verma


Chapter 24: Connected Vehicle
Adrian Pearmine

Chapter 25: In-Vehicle Health and Wellness: An Insider Story
Pramita Mitra, Craig Simonds, Yifan Chen, and Gary Strumolo

Chapter 26: Industrial Internet
David Bartlett

Chapter 27: Smart City Architecture and Planning: Evolving Systems through IoT
Dominique Davison and Ashley Z. Hand

Chapter 28: Non-Revenue Water
Kenneth Thompson, Brian Skeens, and Jennifer Liggett

Chapter 29: IoT and Smart Infrastructure
George Lu and YJ Yang

Chapter 30: Internet of Things and Smart Grid Standards
Girish Ghatikar

Chapter 31: IoT Revolution in Oil and Gas Industry
Satyam Priyadarshy

31.1 Introduction

Chapter 32: Modernizing the Mining Industry with the Internet of Things
Rafael Laskier

Chapter 33: Internet of Things Based Cyber Physical Frameworks for Advanced Manufacturing and Medicine
J. Cecil


Chapter 34: Defragmenting Intelligent Transportation: A Practical Case Study
Alan Carlton, Rafael Cepeda, and Tim Gammons

Chapter 35: Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
Levent Guvenc, Bilin Aksun Guvenc, and Mumin Tolga Emirler

Chapter 36: Transit Hub: A Smart Decision Support System for Public Transit Operations
Shashank Shekhar, Fangzhou Sun, Abhishek Dubey, Aniruddha Gokhale, Himanshu Neema, Martin Lehofer and Dan Freudberg

Chapter 37: Smart Home Services Using the Internet of Things
Gene Wang and Danielle Song

Chapter 38: Emotional Insights via Wearables
Gawain Morrison

Chapter 39: A single platform approach for the management of emergency in complex environments such as large events, digital cities and networked regions
Francesco Valdevies

Chapter 40: Structural Health Monitoring
George Lu and YJ Yang

Chapter 41: Home Healthcare and Remote Patient Monitoring
Karthi Jeyabalan


Chapter 42: Internet of Things and Cloud Computing
James Osborne

Chapter 43: Internet of Things: Privacy and Security Legal Issues
Francoise Gilbert

Chapter 44: IoT and Innovation
William Kao

Chapter 45: IoT Business Models
Hubert C.Y. Chan


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