Managing Security Issues and the Hidden Dangers of Wearable Technologies

Co-author to The Advances in Information Security, Privacy, & Ethics (AISPE) Book Series, an international academic publication by IGI Global, formerly Idea Group Inc.

Managing Security Issues and the Hidden Dangers of Wearable Technologies

Chapter 6: Privacy Dangers of Wearables and the Internet of Things

Scott Amyx
Amyx McKinsey, USA

This chapter identifies concerns about, and the managerial implications of, data privacy issues related to wearables and the IoT; it also offers some enterprise solutions to the complex concerns arising from the aggregation of the massive amounts of data derived from wearables and IoT devices. Consumer and employee privacy concerns are elucidated, as are the problems facing managers as data management and security become an important part of business operations. The author provides insight into how companies are currently managing data as well as some issues related to data security and privacy. A number of suggestions for improving the approach to data protection and addressing concerns about privacy are included. This chapter also examines trending issues in the areas of data protection and the IoT, and contains thought-provoking discussion questions pertaining to business, wearables/IoT data, and privacy issues.

Purchase the full book on IGI Global. Published on August 20, 2016. Authors Scott Amyx, Andrew Marrington, Don Kerr, John Gammack, et al.



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