How to Become Great in IoT Strategy and Execution

In a PwC/ Booz & Company survey of nearly 700 executives across a variety of industries, respondents rated the effectiveness of the top leaders of their companies. How many excelled at strategy? How many excelled at execution? The results are shown in the chart below. These responses are sobering: Only 16% of top leaders were rated very effective at either strategy or execution. Only 8% were very effective at both, while 63% were rated neutral or worse on at least one dimension.

According to the research, there are five leadership acts that help companies close the strategy-to-execution gap.

1. Commit to an identity. 
As a leader, you can become a symbolic figure, a model of commitment. You have something powerful to sell: a message about identity and the need to stay with that identity over time. As you demonstrate the courage of those convictions, you develop the influence and impact needed to build an extraordinary company.

2. Translate the strategic into the everyday. 
Although you occupy a top executive position, you also get your hands dirty. You operate at a fine-grained level of detail so that you can see, sense, and touch the details of everyday activity. But you also raise your view high enough that you clearly see — and show others — how all your global capabilities fit the value you offer customers. You need two kinds of perspectives, nearsighted and farsighted, simultaneously.

3. Put your culture to work. 
You are a primary champion of emotional commitment. You practice mutual accountability; everyone’s success is important to you. Through teaching and learning, you devote yourself to the cultivation of collective mastery. You do all this in a way that matches the unique cultural attributes of your company, which are grounded in its capabilities system.

4. Focus on strategic priorities to grow stronger. 
Your company consistently allocates its resources with an eye toward strategic priorities. As a leader, you do the same with your personal resources, particularly your time and attention. Are you devoting enough to the most critical capabilities and the value proposition they support? Or are you squandering too much time and attention on immediate demands, responding to everybody else’s idea of what is important?

5. Shape the future. 
As a leader, you are one of the first to experience the constant challenge of external change. You can muster the fortitude to recognize when change in yourself is required. You build an extremely capable team, knowing that ultimately the future will depend on developing the next generation of leaders.

Are you ready to become highly effective in strategy and execution? 

Amyx+, a leading Internet of Things strategy and execution agency, is helping executive leaders like yourself to realize the full potential of the Internet of Things… to bring your strategy to life and to realize unparalleled growth under your helm.


About Our Work

+Enabling Massive P2P Mesh Network

How will you leverage the billions of IoT edge nodes to create a zero cost, highly scalable communication and content distribution platform?

Amyx+ is working with a global network company to build a peer-to-peer, IoT overlay network that would employ P2P protocol to accelerate communication, file sharing, content distribution, and peer-to-peer routing to make the effective bandwidth faster at nearly zero cost of scaling.


+Securing the Internet of Things 

How will you future-proof the security of your IoT implementation? 

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to rapid global adoption of IoT is security. Internet-connected devices have vulnerabilities in the design or the configuration of a product that people with malicious intent can exploit.

Amyx+ is working with a global security firm to develop an IoT security platform that will secure IoT connections from the edge, gateway to the cloud, strengthen trust, and support a diverse set of standards and protocols.


+Generating Predictive Insights to Power Business Decisions

How will your firm leverage the power of data analytics and AI/ machine learning to have forward-looking predictive insights to make data-driven decisions? 

Amyx+ is working with major companies across verticals to define, develop, and execute their big data initiatives. First we help to optimize their data architecture, then identify data sources, including exogenous data, create their data science approach and work together to execute AI/ machine-based predictive data analytics to help optimize sales, marketing, customer service, product management, manufacturing, supply chain, and financial management.


+Helping Enterprises to Comply with Data Privacy Regulation

How will your firm comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other global privacy mandates?

Amyx+ is helping international firms to comply with the European Union’s GDPR and other global privacy requirements, especially as it pertains to increased privacy concerns over the Internet of Things. From contactless payments, wearables, smart home devices to public smart city surveillance and data collection, consumers and policymakers are demanding a higher degree of accountability.

Amyx+ is helping companies to evaluate best-in-class enterprise privacy platforms and in some cases developing custom privacy solutions to fit their industry and firm-specific requirements.


+Implementing Data Analytics to Quantify User Engagement 

How will you make better use of your unstructured data to drive transformative user experience?

Amyx+ is working with enterprises to develop custom data analytics solutions to better understand customer engagement, be it on sales and customer service channels, online marketing, wearables or messaging applications. Amyx+ is enabling the ability to unearth meaningful, and often new and surprising insights to help businesses optimize customer experience. The result: happy customers who purchase more of your products/ services and become lifetime brand advocates.

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