Scott Amyx Speaking on a Panel on the Future of User Experience

Scott Amyx Speaking on the Future of User Experience

Scott Amyx Speaking on the Future of User Experience 2

Internet Summit

Roundtable: Trends in User Experience

Operating systems, web browsers and mobile devices continue to evolve – but users still expect your site to function correctly and look good. Keeping track of the latest design standards, toolsets and analytics can be tough, but it’s a must to stay ahead of your competitors. Join our leading UX and design experts as they share high-level strategies for creating sustainable, engaging digital experiences.

Featured speakers on this roundtable include:

Scott Amyx | CEO, Amyx+
Mike Gilpin | CTO, Siteworx
Wren Lanier | Design and UX Lead, Highrise
Sarah Weise | UX Director, Booz Allen Hamilton

Watch the Internet Summit 2015 video.


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Amyx+ is a wearables & IoT strategy + execution agency specializing in wearables & IoT implementation. As a thought leader in wearables & IoT, Amyx+ has the creative horsepower and the development prowess to execute even the most complex client engagements.

Our capabilities and service offerings include wearables & IoT strategy, innovation lab, accelerator & venture capital, product development, AI/ machine learning data analytics, and marketing to reach global scale.

We employ a flexible methodology and approach to fit the client and needs and objectives while adapting to changing wearables & IoT environments. We have presence in Silicon Valley, NYC, London, Seoul, and Tel Aviv.



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