Scott Amyx Speaks to IBM About the Hottest Trends in Technology

What do you see as the hottest trends in technology today?

The hottest trend right now involves wearable tech and IoT devices that address quality of life issues. This goes far beyond the current interest in self-quantification and moves into areas like medical, business, and data analytics tools. For example, cost effective and non-invasive wearables make monitoring chronic conditions simpler so patients can take control of their health. IoT devices are shedding light on business practices, optimizing workflows and creating safer–and more flexible—environments for workers.

AI-based systems with affective computing algorithms are being implemented in robotics, allowing for the development of robots that can offer assistance–and deliver it with compassion.

Over the past year, what has surprised you most about IoT?

How difficult it has been for the market to comprehend the meta implications of wearables and IoT to transform everything from advertising, marketing, customer service to operation.

IBM is one of the few market leaders to recognize how IoT can massively disrupt Commerce/ E-Commerce and Sales and Marketing.

How can an organization stay relevant five years from now?

Learn, experiment, and iterate. Firms that are making investments in R&D/ innovation lab, knowledge worker training & recruitment, and implementation of these technologies will capitalize on the projected $14.4 trillion in value created from IoT between 2013 to 2022. Those who don’t will find themselves scrabbling to catch up or worse, struggling to remain relevant.

Data without analytics is like [blank] without [blank].

Data without analytics is like a pie without the filling.

What are the three top skills you would look for in hiring a data scientist?

Communication skills. The value of a great data scientist will be framing up the questions properly to the business and then translating the data insights into understandable business interpretation, without the hubris.

Hard engineering skills. Python, (C++, R, Java), statistics, mathematics, algorithms, distributed computing, Unix tools, Apache Spark and Hadoop, etc.

Creativity. When it comes to AI/ machine learning and data analytics, there is no one way. It requires a creative, flexible mind to try different approaches, techniques, combinations and adjust/ optimize to achieve the intended goals and objectives.

What app can you not live without?

Email. Though I use Slack, Trello, and other chat/ messaging platforms, social media, and project management tools, it’s hard to forgo email…partly because the rest of the world is still relying on it.

What was the worst job you ever had?

Working as a waiter as a teenager. Some people forget to extend basic human respect to those in service. Hence, now I go out of my way to treat all people of walks with unconditional high regard. What I get in return is immeasurable.

Are you always plugged in or do you sometimes unplug?

I am a workaholic. My worst nightmare is retiring. I derive so much joy out of execution, whether it’s thought leadership, client engagement and implementation or our proprietary technology research and development. I do occasionally unplug mostly out of necessity.

If you were to define the majority of your Facebook friends, would they be: close friends & family; colleagues; or random people you knew in high school?

I use social media for a purpose. I rarely share personal matters on any social media as people around the world critically look at my posts and tweets.

Originally published on IBM. Published on October 22, 2015. Author Scott Amyx & IBM.


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