Don’t Miss Your Chance at “America’s Greatest Makers” TBS Reality Show, $1 Million Prize


The producer of Survivor, Shark Tank, and The Apprentice have recruited Amyx+ to vet the most promising hardware startups.

Americas Greatest Makers

To qualify, your startup must be based in the U.S. and have received less than $5 million in funding.

If you would like a shot at this opportunity for the $1 million prize and nationwide television publicity, send us why you and your product should be on the show no later than September 23rd. Amyx+ will then make our final recommendation to the producer.

Alternatively, you may apply directly to Intel without our endorsement: The application deadline is October 2nd but you are encouraged to submit as soon as possible.

If chosen, shooting begins in early November. You will need to be available for finals, a 2-week bootcamp with Intel engineers, and most of February. Prototype should be ready for shooting by February timeframe.

To give you an idea of last year’s “Make It Wearable”, see the top three competitors:


This will be launched next year as “America’s Greatest Makers”, a nationwide television show.

The prototype can be any wearable or smart connected device. The only stipulation is that the device has to eventually utilize the Intel Curie chip, which can be done later in the process.


There will be top five finalists. Each will receive $100K and the overall winner $1 million.

Check out SMRT Mouth, a contender for America’s Greatest Makers:

SMRT Mouth


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